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2009 - 2010
Maersk Product Tankers Aktie Bolag (Broström Ship Management Aktie Bolag) - Göteborg
Keel laid 22-06-1998; launched 30-12-1998; delivered 23-02-1999 by Halla Engineering & Heavy Industries Ltd. - Samho (1055)
182,82 x 174,00 x 32,22 x 18,60 x 12,21 m
29.289 grt; 44.999 dwt
IMO 9171503
2SA 6 cylinder Burmeister & Wain/Hyundai type 6S-50MC, 500x1910 connected to a fixed propeller; 3x 4SA 5 cylinder Burmeister & Wain type 5L.23/30, 225x300 each connected to a generatoren 600 kW/ 450 V/60 Hz; 4SA 4 cylinder Cummins type NTA
11.637 bhp; 8.559 kW
15,5 knots
20 wingtanks; 2 sloptanks
In January 2009 brought in by Broström Tankers Aktie Bolag
11-08-2010 renamed MAERSK CARLA

Newbuildingprice $35.500.000 named IVER EXAMPLE with Motorship Product Example BV (Vroon BV) - Breskens.
10-03-2006 renamed BRO PROMOTION by Broström Tankers Aktie Bolag (Broström Ship Management Aktie Bolag) - Göteborg.
In February 2011 renamed CARLA MÆRSK.
09-03-2015 during a trip from Houston to Amuay Bay with MTBE in collision with CONTI PERIDOT loaded with Iron during a trip from Balbao to Panama. Three tanks leaking.
15-03-2016 renamed OCEAN TOPAZ by Ever Key Ltd. (Winson Oil Trading Pte.Ltd.) - Panama.
13-11-2019 renamed IMMORTAL GOLD by Forever Fortune Shipping Ltd. (Daoying International Ship Management) - Panama.

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