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1962 - 1984
Bugsier-, Reederei- und Bergungs A.G.- Hamburg
Delivered 20-12-1962 by F.Schichau G.m.b.H.- Bremerhaven. (1719)
72,19 x 71,51 x 11,97 x 5,59 x 4,45 m.
1.093 grt.
5268138 Lloyds Register
2x 4SA 12 cylinder Klöckner/Humboldt/Deutz type RBV.12.M350, 400x500 each connected to a Pitch propeller; 1x 4SA 4 cylinder Klöckner/Humboldt/Deutz type A.4M.528, 190 apk, connected to a Strüver generator 120 kW/230 V/50 Hz; 2x 4SA 3 cylinder Klöckner/Humboldt/Deutz type F.3M.716, 56 apk each connected to a Strüver generator 30 kW/230 V/50 Hz; Achgelis towing winch with 1200 m steelwire 6"
8.250 bhp.
17,5 knots
73 tons BP
Sold In November 1984 renamed INTER-GULF by Gencom Shipping Ltd.- Gibraltar.

In 1974 rebuild.
In 1986 renamed IMSALV LION by International Marine Services Inc.- Panama.
In 1995 renamed OCEAN ADMIRAL by Gray Marine Services SA (International Marine Services Inc.) - Panama.
In 1999 renamed SEABULK PRINCESS by Seabulk Princess Inc. (Seabulk Offshore Dubai Inc.) - Dubai.
13-08-1999 laid-up at Sharjah.
10-11-2001 arrived at MS Karachi Steel - Gadani Beach to be broken-up.

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Another cutting of her from a builders' advert.
Paul Strathdee

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