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1973 - 1982
NV Nieuwe Rotterdamse Sleepdienst - Rotterdam.
Launched 16-02-1961; delivered 04-05-1961 by NV Scheepswerven v/h H.H.Bodewes - Millingen (553)
28,86 x 25,94 x 8,39 x 2,57 x 3,80 m.
161 grt.
5032204 Lloyds Register; 23.10904 IVR
2x 4SA 8 cylinder Stork Ricardo, 210x300 each connected to a Voith/Schneider propeller.
1.220 bhp; after 1969, 1.360 bhp
11,5 knots.
In te fleet in 1973 named AZIE from Piet Smit Sleepdienst BV - Rotterdam.
Sold In 1982 renamed GURNARD by Southampton Isle of Wight & South of England Royal Mail Steam Packet Public Ltd.Co.- (Red Funnel Group) - Southampton.

In 1961 build for NV Nederlandsche Stoomsleepdienst v/h van P.Smit Jr.- Rotterdam.
In 1969 engines upgraded.
In 1986 renamed WELLINGTON by The Alexandra Towing Co.Ltd.- Southampton.
In 1996 brought in with Howard Smith Towing Ltd.
In 1998 ownership to T.P.Towage Co.Ltd.
In November 2005 renamed TEIMOSO by Lutamar Prestacao de Servicos a Navegacao Lda. - Setubal.
In October 2014 broken-up near Lisboa at Baptitas Reciclagem de Sucatas SA - Alhos Vedros.

Photo: Ies Bruinsma
AZIEBANK ©Ies Bruinsma.jpg
Henk de Winde

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