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1933 - 1961
L.Smit & Co's Internationale Sleepdienst Maatschappij NV - Rotterdam.
Launched 02-06-1933; delivered 03-10-1933 by L.Smit & Zoon's Scheeps- en Werktuigbouw - Kinderdijk (872)
63,35 x 60,10 x 9,81 x 5,90 x 4,65 m.
836 grt.
2x 4SA 6 cylinder Werkspoor, 500x650 connected to one propeller
3.600 bhp; 4.200 ihp.
17 knots
In January 1961 renamed ZWARTE ZEE III to make the name free for a newbuilding

10-05-1940 with ISAAC SWEERS in tow from Vlissingen to Britain.
20-08-1940 grounded in Falmouth to avoid sinking after a German air attack.
In February 1941 in service again renamed W-163.
24-07-1945 back in Maassluis.
31-12-1951 damaged after collission with Danish BJØRN and by OCEAAN 03-01-1952 safely delivered in St.Nazaire and 06-01-1952 by WITTE ZEE towed to Rotterdam for repairs.
In 1958 rebuild and modernised.
In July 1962 renamed IERSE ZEE.
27-10-1966 towed by KIJKDUIN en KINDERDIJK to NV Frank Rijsdijk's Industrieele Ondernemingen - Hendrik Ido Ambacht for scrap.

Photo 1: Unknown**
Photo 2: Leo de Graaff
ZWARTE ZEE (3).1.jpg
ZWARTE ZEE (3)©Leo de Graaff.jpg
Henk de Winde

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