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HEATH COCK (1958 - 1970) /
COLLINGWOOD (2) (1970 - 1975)
O.N. 187179. 193g. 0n. 102' 2" x 27' 11" x 12' 4".
6-cyl. 4 S.C.S.A. (15" x 20") Ruston 6VLBXM type engine by Ruston and Hornsby, Lincoln. 1,088bhp. 11 kts.
23.12.1957: Launched as HEATH COCK by Cammell, Laird & Company (Shipbuilding and Engineering) Ltd., Birkenhead (Yard No. 1296) for North West Tugs Ltd., (H.Edwards, manager).
12.2.1958: Completed.
1965: Brian S. Clarke appointed as manager.
1966: North West Tugs Ltd., (same manager), was sold to the Alexandra Towing Company Ltd.
17.1.1967: Owners restyled as the Liverpool Screw Towing Company Ltd.
17.9.1970: Renamed COLLINGWOOD.
1975: Transferred to Alexandra Towing Company Ltd.
1980: Renamed COLLINGWOOD II, to release the name for a new build.
1981: Sold to Nicolas E. Vernicos Shipping Company, Piraeus and renamed VERNICOS BARBARA or VERNICOS BARBARA IV
10.1981: Whilst in tow of VERNICOS GIORGIS, on delivery voyage from Liverpool to Piraeus, wrecked on the Welsh coast.

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