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Post by yorkieman » Fri Oct 14, 2011 5:58 pm

In a fine pre-war scene at Liverpool

She is on the stern of the splendid French warship JEANNE D'ARC, I have traced that she was built at Toulon and completed in 1902, 11300 tons displacement, and replaced by a successor of the same name in 1931, so the photo has to be between 1909 and 1931.
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Post by Magoonigal » Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:22 pm

An interesting Warship, built to confuse the enemy.

She was Laid down at Toulon in October 1896 and completed in 1903 at a total cost of over £900,000.
She had three sets of Vertical Inverted Triple Expansion Engines driving 3 Screws and her designed speed was 23 kts.
However the lines of the Hull were so bad she could only make this with some difficulty.
Coal consumption at full power was 27 tons an hour. If she could have maintained this all day that would equate to 648 Tons and her normal Bunkers were 1,400 tons or about three days steaming at constant full speed. Her maximum fuel load was 2,100 tons plus 'Liquid Fuel'.
She had one single 7.6 inch gun fore and aft supported by 14 x 5.5 inch, 12 x 3 pdr and 8 x 1 pdr.

Not to be beated though, the French also buit the Diderot, Condorcet and Voltaire to a similar Hull shape and wondered why they also used vast quantities of Coal.

She is not in the 1931 Janes, which suggests she was none operational before then, although she was not stricken until 1934.

Other information suggests this may be June 1926 when a number of French Warships visited Liverpool.
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Post by Bill Harvey » Sun Oct 16, 2011 9:43 am

EAST COCK (1909 - 1960)
O.N. 127961. 139g. 0n. 95.1 x 22.0 x 11.4 feet.
C.2-cyl. (19” & 42" x 27") engine by the shipbuilder. 99nhp. 540ihp.
8.12.1908: Launched by Cammell, Laird & Company Ltd., Birkenhead (Yard No. 681) for William J. Newton and others (trading as Liverpool Screw Towing and Lighterage Company).
1909: Completed.
1960: Demolished at Bromborough.

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