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Post by Henk » Thu Nov 24, 2011 4:00 pm

1942 - 1947
Marine Bergungs- und Seedienstkommandostelle Kiel (Bugsier-, Reederei und Bergungs AG - Hamburg) - Kiel; in 1945 Salvage Section Shipping Branche - Kiel
Build 1941 at NV Werf "Gusto" - Schiedam (766)
64,00 x x 12,05 x x 3,00 m
1.408 grt
365 bhp.
5,5 knots
In 1942 brought in by Bugsier an renamed
10-09-1947 back to the owner

Ordered by Suez Canal Co. - Suez.
During building seized by the Kriegsmarine in service with Marine Bergungs- und Seedienstkommandostelle Kiel and during the trip to Kiel heavely damaged by bombing. In Kiel repaired.

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Henk de Winde

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