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Post by Henk » Sat May 07, 2011 7:38 pm

1975 - 1987
Mercator Shipping Co.Ltd.(Nassau Towing Ltd.)- Nassau
Selivered December 1975 by NV Scheepswerf van Rupelmonde - Rupelmonde (427)
29.98 x 27,11 x 10.61 x 4.81 x 4.26 m.
296 rt
7414729 Lloyds Register
2x 2SA V12 cylinder General Motors Electro Motive type 12-645-E5, 230x254; 2 generators 76 kW/440 V/60 Hz ;1 generator 36 kW/440 V/60 Hz.
4.300 bhp
14 knots
45 tons BP
Sold In 1987 renamed WESTMAR and resold renmaned VANGUARD to Odyssey Trading Co.Ltd.(Cory Towage) - Nassau.

In 1991 renamed VANGUARDIA by Opermar International C.V.- Mexico.
In 1993 renamed COASTAL SAN NICOLAS by Coastal Tug& Barge - Miami.

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Henk de Winde

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Post by davidships » Mon May 09, 2011 12:23 pm

1993 Coastal Aruba Refining Co NV, Aruba (mng Coastal Tug & Barge Inc, Miami) as COASTAL SAN NICOLAS (Pan flag, reg Panama City, ON 2085893E, c/s HP7115)
2004 Valero Aruba Marine Services, Aruba as VALERO SAN NICOLAS
2008 Valero Refining Co (mng Valero Aruba Marine Services), Aruba
David Asprey

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