Salvestor 1942 HMS - Ocean Salvage Vessel

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Salvestor 1942 HMS - Ocean Salvage Vessel

Post by Woody » Thu Aug 28, 2014 2:48 pm

HMS Salvestor
Ocean Salvage Vessel, King Salvor Class - W.176 , A499
Laid down 20/9/1941 as Assistance and then renamed in April 1942. Launched by William Simons & Co Renfrew, Yard No 753, on 28/8/1942, and broken up by Ward, Briton Ferry July 1970
217 ft oa x 37.9 ft x 13 ft
2-shaft Reciprocating VTE, 1,500 IHP giving 12 knots
4 x 20mm AA guns (4 x 1)
Crew 72

Commissioned October 1942 and at the beginning of December arrived at Gibraltar
26/12/1942 arrived in Algiers and operated in North Africa
January 1943 towed the torpedoed anti aircraft cruiser USS Pozarica into Bougie for repairs.
31/8/1944 taken over by a South African crew at Naples but remained the property of the RN. She served in the Aegean until the end of hostilities there.
17 October 1944 sailed to salvage HMS Larne which was mined off the Island of Poros and which had been badly damaged the previous day during Operation Edgehill. HMS Larne was towed into Poros Bay, East Coast of Greece
17/4/1945 arrived in Durban and the joined the Far Eastern Fleet via Mauritius , Colombo and Trincomalee
19/6/1945 left Port Darwin with two tugs and Admiralty Floating Dock No 18 in tow headed for Milne Bay, New Quinea. The dock was damaged in bad weather
8/8/1945 assisted a merchant ship taking her in to Milne Bay
14/8/1945 left for Hong Kong via Manus where her first job was to raise a Japanese Tug followed by several other wrecks. Her South African crew was gradually replaced and they had all left by the end of 1945
After the war she appears to be listed as an RFA
20 November 1956 clearance work in Port Said harbour after the Suez Crisis with RFA Sea Salvor and RFA Uplifter
September 1959 decommissioned and Laid Up at Pembroke Dock

Battle Honours: PACIFIC 1945
C1 Salvestor anchored strbd bow.JPG
C2 Salvestor 6-1947.jpg
Salvestor in June 1947
C3 Salvestor moored up.jpg

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Jim Anderson
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Re: Salvestor 1942 HMS - Ocean Salvage Vessel

Post by Jim Anderson » Sat Aug 30, 2014 3:25 pm

Hi Woody
Off the top of my head
was the "Pozarica" not a McAndrews Line fruit ship converted to an auxiliary anti-aircraft ship
or am i mistaken

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Re: Salvestor 1942 HMS - Ocean Salvage Vessel

Post by Woody » Tue Sep 02, 2014 9:21 pm

Hi Jim
Thanks, you are perfectly correct. I am not sure what happened here and I just want to check one site, which is down at the moment, before changing the account.

Cheers Woody

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