Rothesay 1957 HMS - Frigate

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Rothesay 1957 HMS - Frigate

Post by Woody » Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:43 am

HMS Rothesay
Frigate, Rothesay Class - F.107
Laid down 6/11/1956 and launched by Yarrow Shipbuilders Scotstoun, Yard No 2120, on 9/12/1957. Scrapped at Santander Spain 1988
2150t normal; 2560t deep load
370ft oa x 41ft x 17ft max
2-shaft, geared steam turbines, 2 Babcock & Wilcox boilers, 30,000shp giving 29knots
2 x 4.5in/45 Mk 6 DP (1 x 2), 2 x 40mm STAAG Mk 2 (1 x 2), 12 x 21in TT (2 x 2), (8 x 1), and 2 x Limbo Mk 10
Crew 200-235

Completed 23/4/1960
August 1960 joined the 20th Frigate Squadron at Londonderry
1961 visit to Halifax and then diverted to Bermuda during Cuban crisis
21/3/1962 accidently rammed the Turkish Submarine Gur at periscope depth during a NATO exercise in the Eastern Mediterranean
1963 joined the 30th Escort Squadron Home Fleet
1963-64 Refit at Portsmouth
19/3/1964 recommissioned and joined the 8th FS Home and West Indies. Brief appearance in the film Thunderball
July 1966 to Rosyth for conversion
July 1968 completed her conversion, receiving a hangar and Flight Deck, and losing one mortar. She also lost her 40mm, replaced with a Seacat launcher.
March 1969 landed 350 paratroops with HMS Minerva at Anquilla
1973 Cod War Patrols
1977-79 Refit at Chatham
January 1979 hunted the Group of “Pirates” who seized the Portuguese Liner Santa Maria in the Caribbean
1981 Gulf Patrol
1982 Gibraltar and West Indies Guardship
1983 Far East Deployment after a reprieve from Disposal
March 1984 returned to Rosyth
1985 Refit and joined the Dartmouth Training Squadron
13/3/1988 Paid off after clocking up over 800,000 miles
C1 Ashanti-Rothesay fitting out Yarrows 1959.jpg
1959 fiiting out at Yarrows
C Rothesay underway port bow 1964.jpg
C3 Rothesay entering Malta strbd bow 1987.jpg
1987 entering Malta
Dartmouth Training Squadron

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Re: Rothesay 1957 HMS - Frigate

Post by Dennis Maccoy » Fri Feb 22, 2019 3:11 pm

Rothesay in the Yorkhill Basin on 6 October 1970.
Rothesay, Yorkhill Basin, 6 October 1970(1)_1.jpg
Rothesay, Yorkhill Basin, 6 October 1970(2)_1.jpg


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