Copenhagen PS 1846 - Robert Napier

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Copenhagen PS 1846 - Robert Napier

Post by Woody » Thu Feb 27, 2014 11:19 am

Launched This Day 27/2/1846 by Robert Napier, Old yard No 18

I am assuming that these are the same vessel. The painting is of a Slesvig operated by the Danish Post Office, This would be before she was converted to a Royal Yacht
Any further information Welcome ... COPENHAGEN
Slesvig ex Copenhagen 1845 Danish Post Ofice.JPG
Slesvig when operated by the Danish Post Office
Slesvig ex Copenhagen 1845 Orlogsmuseets Collection.jpg
Orlogsmuseets Collection

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Re: Copenhagen PS 1846 - Robert Napier

Post by Robert » Thu Feb 27, 2014 4:59 pm

Woody, from a postage stamp issued in 1963 and details from the Ship Stamp Society which is probably more accurate about the stamps than the ship data, it is said that she was a troop transport in the war between Denmark and Schleewig (sic). She had accommodation for 1300. Resumed mail/passenger service after that war until 1855 when rebuilt as a Royal Yacht. Used by King Frederick VII and King Christian IX until 1880. She was in transport service in 1884 until being broken up in 1893.

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