Amyone SV 1873 - John Reid & Co

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Amyone SV 1873 - John Reid & Co

Post by Woody » Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:23 am

Launched This Day 26/8/1873 by John Reid & Co, Port Glasgow, Glen Yard No 5A

Have also seen her name down as Amoyne. She has also been describe as ship built and Barque built. Can anyobe confirm?
Ocean ex Amyone 1873-8-26.JPG
as Ocean

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Jim Anderson
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Re: Amyone SV 1873 - John Reid & Co

Post by Jim Anderson » Sat Aug 31, 2013 9:32 am

Hello Woody
She is listed as"Amyone" in all the Lloyds [I did not see any "Amoyne"]
She is wrongly listed in the World Ship Society Yard List as built as a barque
I tried to find out what the name meant but have drawn a blank, details below

1873 completed for W. & C. Battersby & Co., Liverpool
3 masted full rigged ship 1,361grt 1,300nrt 231.1 x 37.1 x 23.4ft depth
Iron construction Official Number 69295
1889 "Ocean" Evers & Classen, Hamburg, Germany
1892 re-rigged as a barque
1898 August Troberg, Mariehamn, Aaland Islands, Finland (Russian flag)
3.11.1911 wrecked on the west coast of Islay o/v Dublin-Moss, Norway in ballast; 4 lost

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