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FREE to a Maritime Lover

Post by EagleRockboy » Mon Dec 02, 2013 7:48 am

The `Subject` doesn't have anything to do with `Saucy Sailors` or anything like that !! LOL!!

I am having to clear out a room before Christmas and I have to get rid of some of my books.

The ones on offer FREE to someone who can make use of them are:

Janes Fighting Ships 1971-72
Janes Fighting Ships 1969-70

Lloyds Registers
1982-83, 84-85,88-89,89-90 (Some are complete,some have 2 of 3 volumes) and there are Appendices too.

Turnbulls Shipping Register 1889 (Lists all the steam and sailing vessels registered to the ports of the UK in 1889.

Mercantile Navy List and Maritime Directory 1913

These are FREE, but you will need to collect in Ardrossan/Saltcoats area within the next 14 days.

Phone Brian 07807 896373

ALL BOOKS NOW GONE Thanks to all who phoned.

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