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Post by Henk » Mon Jan 14, 2013 10:56 am

From Shipping Time:

A tug taking a decommissioned ship in tow has got into difficulties off Torbay and her crew have been rescued.
The tugboat, CHRISTOS XXII was towing the EMSSTROOM, a German training ship that recently closed down. According to the ship's AIS she was heading to Kerch in the Ukraine, but according to the BBC she was heading for Turkey where her tow was to be scrapped.
The crew noticed problems with their tow and during attempts to rectify the situation, the EMSSTROOM apparently holed the tug and she began to take on water. This occured a mile of Hopes Nose, Torbay at 7pm last night (Sunday 13th January 2013)
The RNLI Torbay all-weather lifeboat and the Exmouth all-weather lifeboat were sent to the scene, along with the local harbour tug from Brixham, the Royal Navy vessels HMS Lancaster and HMS Severn, the RAF search and rescue helicopter from Chivenor and the Torbay Coastguard Rescue Team.
It had been feared the tug would go down but latest reports indicate the tug BRENT had come alongside and pumps had stabilised the stricken vessel. The master and the master and chief engineer of the CHRISTOS XII had already returned to the scene on one of the Royal Navy vessels to attempt salvage.
The EMSSTROOM is said to be further out to sea and stable. The EMSSTROOM had until last year been a training vessel at Leer, a notice on the ship's website in December informed of the closure of the ship as a training vessel. It is understood she had been sold for scrap and this was her final journey. If so, she sure put up a fight.
The 495 grt CHRISTOS XXII dates from 1972. She is owned by Greek towage firm Spanopoulos Bros, Piraeus and began life with Smit as the SMIT ENTERPRISE. Prior to becoming the CHRISTOS she was the BANCKERT of Vlissingen, then Antwerp.

Photo's: Peter Andriessen
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