A question from the 1970's

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A question from the 1970's

Post by Bill Harvey » Sun Oct 21, 2012 9:33 am

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I would be grateful if any Clyde based members, or indeed elsewhere could assist me in confirming, or otherwise, a vague memory from the mid 1970’s.

The tugs STRONGBOW and BRIGADIER were both renamed to release those names for two new building tugs from Troon. As BATTLEAXE and FORAGER they were sold in 1976 to become FORTROSE and LOSSIEMOUTH.

The BRIGADIER/FORAGER is the vessel in which I have the puzzle. When sold the traditional funnel was or had been replaced by an uptake leading forward at approx. 45 degrees onto a repositioned mast above the wheelhouse.

Now my memory is hinting that, prior to sale, she was in an accident wherein a shoreside crane jib collapsed and wrecked her funnel, mast and damaged her wheelhouse. Can anyone confirm this hopefully with dates and fuller details.

Any photographs I have seen suggest she had the modification when sold but difficult to say as the superstructure on both vessels was in Steel & Bennie chocolate brown but the funnels both yellow and later with a black top added.

On the other hand, it would seem odd that the new owner would alter one and not the other.

Any help appreciated

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