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Lead ship in a Class of five she was built by Blohm and Voss in Hamburg being commissioned in April 1939. She had quite an active War operating mostly in Northern waters in the Norwegian Campaign and also against Russian convoys. Her most famous encounter was with the destroyer HMS GLOWWORM in April 1940 in which the latter collided with HIPPER.
In the Battle of the Barents Sea in December 1942 ADMIRAL HIPPER was damaged and eventually the action against British cruisers was abandoned. Hitler ordered her decommissioning and this occurred in February 1943 although repairs were undertaken at Kiel.
She later moved to the Baltic operating from Gotenhafen but actually never reached operating status again. Back at Kiel in May 1945 she was severely damaged in an air raid and scuttled at her moorings on May 3rd. Raised in July she was eventually broken up between 1948 and 1952.
This shot shows her leaving Hamburg for trials in early 1939.
Admiral Hipper verlässt die Elbe 1939.04.jpg
Dietrich Baumer collection
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