STRASBOURG at Liverpool

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STRASBOURG at Liverpool

Post by Deepol » Wed Nov 27, 2013 12:36 pm

From a TV documentary shots of the French battleship entering the Gladstone Lock at Liverpool with sister DUNKERQUE on a visit which covered Oban, Staffa, Loch Ewe, Scapa Flow and Rosyth before returning to Le Havre.
She was completed at St Nazaire in 1939 and was at Mers El Kebir in March 1940 when she was bombarded by ships of the Royal Navy in the attempt to save the French ships from falling into German hands despite the fact that the British government had been told that they would be scuttled if necessary.
She managed to break out of Mers el Kebir and I believe was pursued by HMS HOOD (!) She escaped and made it to Toulon but was scuttled there in 1942 not being completely broken up till 1955.
Paul Strathdee

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