Eemland (I)

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Eemland (I)

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steam cargo ship Eemland (I) 1905-1917

At the end of 1904 on the slope bought by the N.V. Nederlandsche Handel Maatschappij for the benefit of the South America Line N.V. and launched on 20 April 1905 as Eemland (I).
When traveling in ballast from Amsterdam via Falmouth to New York under the condolences of the German government, shortly after leaving Falmouth, which they had to call for inspection, the Eemland (I) became one of a convoy of seven Dutch ships on 22 February 1917 in the evening 30 miles west of Bishop Rock, in position 49º52'NB. and 07º00'WL., stopped by the German submarine U.21. The Eemland (I), like the other Dutch ships, had to be abandoned and a German team hung bombs against the sides of the ship, which were detonated after leaving. At 21.00 on 22 February 1917 the lights of the Eemland (I) in the waves disappeared. All 37 crew members arrived safely ashore. The seven ships that were stationary to save shipwrecked were wrongly arrested by the U.21. As compensation, the German government assigned a German ship in the Dutch East Indies to the shipping company, which came into service in 1920 under the same name. (source Marishdata)
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