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Amstelland (I)

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 5:02 pm
by Jos Telleman
steam cargo ship Amstelland (I).

1900-06-06: DS 06.06.1900: On 5 June the steamship Amstelland (I) was under construction for the South America Line in Amsterdam from the shipyard of Russell & Co in Port Glasgow. The ship is equipped with a triple expansion machine of 2300 ipk.

1900-08-03: NRC 03.08.1900: The company Russell & Co. in Port Glasgow on behalf of the South America Line in Amsterdam built steamship AMSTELLAND can load 6,000 tons deadweight and is arranged according to regulations of Argentina and the Board of Trade to transport 420 cattle. It has a double bottom and front and rear space for water ballast. The machines of the Triple Expansion System are manufactured by Dunsmuir & Jackson in Govan. The Amstelland (I) is the first of the three steamships produced by the company Russell & Co. are built on behalf of the aforementioned line.

1900-08-25: NRC 25.08.1900: The steamship Amstelland (I), currently traveling to Buenos Aires, will load ports in Amsterdam in the second half of September in the La Plata. With this ship the service on the La Plata River is opened, which, as soon as the steamers Zaanland (I) and Rijnland (I), now under construction, are ready (or at the beginning of October and the end of November) will be extended to a regular monthly service.

1917-06-30: Final Fate: When traveling with a cargo of grain from Buenos Aires to Belfast, the Amstelland (I) is on 30 June 1917 on the Atlantic Ocean, 35 miles south of Galley Head, by the German submarine 'UC.31' fired and sunk on 1 July 1917. The 37 crew members were all saved on land. (source Marishdata)

Re: Koninklijke Hollandse Lloyd

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 8:06 pm
by mcmahos
Just sent you an email, Jos :)