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Post by Henk » Fri May 15, 2015 5:53 pm

1949 - 1965
NV Reederij v/h Gebroeders Goedkoop - Amsterdam
Delivered 02-08-1938 by Scheepswerf "Voorwaats" (v/d Beldt) - West-Graftdijk (69)
18,21 x x 4,80 x 2,10 x 1,90 m.
39 grt.
5991.B.Rott.1938; A.9961.N; 23.05991 IVR
4SA 3 cylinder Industrie type 3VD6A nr.3117 from 1938
150 bhp.
In the fleet 03-11-1949 named ALBATROS from Ridder - Amsterdam.
Sold 27-08-1965 renamed BREGJE GOEDKOOP

Build as ALBATROS for Ridder - IJsselmonde.
28-08-1938 as ALBATROS to Koninklijke Marine.
From 27-03-1941 till 1945 seized by Kriegsmarine.
11-04-1967 renamed CORMA by A.J.v/d Hurk - Maasbracht.
26-04-1967 renamed GERMA by W.C.M. van Dongen - Maasbracht.
10-08-1983 as GERMA to Gebroeders van Dongen - Maasbracht.
27-06-1988 renamed LIBERTÉ by J.J.Koster - Heel.
31-12-2006 as LIBERTÉ to R.Noy - Beneden Leeuwen.
05-09-2007 as LIBERTÉ to Jonathan Ellis Minnes - Brighton.
In May 2014 renamed ALBATROS by C.J.Way - Norfolk.

Photo: Ies Bruinsma
FRITS GOEDKOOP ©Ies Bruinsma.jpg
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Henk de Winde

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Post by Jaap Bijl » Sat May 16, 2015 1:16 pm

Not sold in 1985. Just renamed BREGJE GOEDKOOP>

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Post by Henk » Sun Jan 17, 2016 4:00 pm

Photo: Christopher Way; seen as LIBERTÉ

Please have a look at his message placed accidently in Maersk Foreign ships:

Good evening all,

My name is Christopher Way. I am situated in Norfolk in the UK and as of July 2014 am the new owner of the above named tug, Liberte.

Excluding any posts already published about Liberte, does anybody have any additional information or photos of the ship when it was working - potentially people who may have worked on her or were previous owners? Ideally it would be great to discover new pictures and facts which were found during the war, when it was commandeered by the Dutch Royal Navy in 1938, and then by the Kreigsmarine.

Anything anybody has obtained over the years, would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

Christopher Way
Henk de Winde

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