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Our Gents have got off to a good run in the cup after beating Garioch 7-3 in the first round and then defeating Paisley 9-1 to take them into the 1/4 final. They now play fellow Premier league side Aberdeen on Saturday 7th March and venue is tba.

Our Ladies got given a buy to the second round where they play Auchinleck @ Ayr on Saturday 22nd February.

Seniors are through to the second round also where they play Lanarkshire on Wednesday 19th February @Auchinleck.

All the best to all teams in the cup.


Our Gents play their first cup game on Saturday 8th February. They travel to Perth to play Garioch with the following team:

Jack Porteous, Scott Brown, Steven Burns, Darren O’Rourke

Alan Orderley, Garry Rice, Chris Carswell, John Carswell

Gordon Gray, Iain Brown, Blair Davidson, Scott Wilson

Tommy Coombe, Lewis Milligan, Henry Pratt, Martin Williamson

All players to report to the club for 11:15 for the bus. Anyone wishing to travel on the bus see martin. All the best lads.

Our seniors start off their Ayrshire league campaign on Saturday 8th when they travel to Ayr to play Auchinleck. Their team is as follows:

Jim Wlaker, Bert Sidebottom, Charlie Watson, Willie Dunlop

Robert MacPherson, Gavin Monaghan, John Goldie, Jim Donald

Martin Kostigovs, Jim Murphy, Neil Gillies, Gordon Porteous

Players to report a the club for 8:54am.

Our Seniors play their cup game on Wednesday 12th of February. They will travel to Prestwick to play Galleon. The team is as follows:

Ian Rogerson, Bert Sidebottom, Charlie, Watosn, Willie Dunlop

Robert MacPherson, Gavin Monaghan, John Goldie, Jim Donald

Martin Kostigovs, Cameron Cunninghsm, Jim Gibson Jim Walker

Neil Gillies, Jim Murphy, Tommy Donnachie, Gordon Porteous

All players to report to the club for 10am.

Best of luck to all representing Ardrossan in the coming weeks.


The Gents played their last Premier League game of the season at home to Fraserburgh. With the opponents already demoted with zero points and it being their furthest game to travel they did well to fulfil the fixture. Although key players were missing and it showed from the start as Ardrossan took an early lead which they increased throughout the game to eventually win comfortably 103-66. This ensures Ardrossans status in the Premier League for season 2020-21 so well done to the Gents.

This weekend sees our Under 35 team playing their first Knock-out game of the season. They play Paisley @ Whiteinch with the following team:

Leiws Milligan, Kerr Thomson, Jack Porteous, Jack Montgomerie.

Louise Noon, Jamie Noon, John Sproat, Chris Carswell.

Katie Stevenson, Megan Sproat, Blair Davidson, Scott Wilson.

Jack Robertson, Kieran McKenna, Calum Williamson, Martin Williamson.


Our Ladies finished of their league campaign with a narrow loss at home to a strong Blantyre team. They never really got into the league this season with it being their first year in the Premiere League and it being a level up from last year. They are now demoted back into the South Division 1.

The Gents had a demoralising defeat away to Midlothian last weekend losing by 47 shots. They now play Fraserburgh at home this Saturday which is a must win game if they are to remain in the Premiere League. Fraserburgh have yet to win a game however West Of Scotland ore just 2 points behind and they play Falkirk at home. A WOS win and Ardrossan defeat would more than likely result the men having to play a relegation playoff.

The team for Saturday is as follows:

Jack Porteous, Finlay Pirrie, Steven Burns, Darren O’Rourke

Henry Pratt, Andrew Flood, Blair Davidson, Scott Wilson

Alan Orderley, Garry Rice, Chris Carswell, Jack Montgomerie

John Sproat, Lewis Milligan, Calum Williamson, Martin Williamson.


Our Seniors have had a couple of losses away to East Kilbride and at home to Lanarkshire. They now travel to whiteinch this Sturday with the following team:

I Rogerson, B Sidebottom, C Watson, W Dunlop

R MacPherson, G Monaghan, J Goldie, J Donald

J Cunningham, G miller, M Kostigovs, J Walker

B Chisholm, D MacKay, N Gillies, G Porteous

Best of luck.

Our Gents have had a mixed bag of results tghe last couple of weeks. They travelled to Fraserburgh and managed to win by 16 shots though last weekend saw them travelling to West Of Scotland where they found the top tricky green to much as they lost by 22 shots. Their next game is not until the 14th December where they travel away again to Falkirk. Team has yet to be decided.

The Ladies played at home to Galleon on Saturday 16th Novmber and managed to win the game 59-56 clocking their first Premier league win.

Their next match is also at home to the hands of Auchinleck on Saturday 14th December. Team has yet to be picked.


Last weekend the Seniors had an impressive win when they beat Prestwick at home to take them to the top of the league. Scores were:

J Walker 16 – 13 A Paxton

J Donald 28 – 8 S Reid

W Dunlop 23 – 8 J Lindsay

N Gillies 20 – 8 M Sturgeon

Ardrossan 87 – 37 Prestwick

They Now go away to East Kilbride with the following team:

I Rogerson, B Sidebottom, C Watson, W Dunlop

R MacPherson, G Monaghan, G Porteous, J Donald

M Kostigovs, J Goldie, H Pratt, J Walker

J English, J Murphy, G Borland, N Gillies


The Gents had a top of the table class with Midlothian at home.

Scores were as follows:

J Montgomerie 22 – 16 G Archer

S Wilson 23 – 16 R Duncan

M Williamson 12 – 27 D Peacock

J Carswell 12 – 20 C Walker

Ardrossan 69 – 79 Midlothian

The gents now go to Fraserburgh to get back to winning ways with the following team:

Tommy Coombe, Andrew Flood, Chris Carswell, Jack Montgomerie

Henry Pratt, Lewis Milligan, Steven Burns, Martin Williamson

Jack Porteous, Garry Rice, Blair Davidson, Scott Wilson

John Sproat, Jamie Noon, John Carswell, Darren O’Rourke


The Ladies Played away to Paisley and lost 82 – 52.

They now host Galleon this weekend with the following team:

Katie Stevenson, Liz Gage, Helen Bates, Sarah Kennedy

Megan Sproat, Margaret Wells, Ann Malcolmson, Janice Dougal

Nikki Kuyt, Mary Goldie, Jean Stewart, Wendy Grant.

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