Scottish Leagues


This weekend sees the start of the Senior and Gents Scottish League campaigns for season 2019/20.

The Seniors Start at home to East Kilbride where they will hope to get of to a winning start. The team is as follows:

R MacPherson, G Monaghan, C Watson, W Dunlop

H Pratt, I Gillespie, G Porteous, J Donald

I Rogerson, J Goldie, M Kostigovs, J Walker

J English, J Murphy, G Borland, N Gillies

Game begins at 11am for anyone wishing to support our team.

The Gents begin their renewed Premier league campaign with a home match vs West Of Scotland. For anyone wishing to support the gents the game starts at 2pm and and Ardrossan have selected the following team:

T Coombe, G Gray, S Burns, J Carswell

B Davidson, G Rice, S Wilson, D o’Rourke

A Orderley, J Noon, H Pratt, J Montgomerie

L Milligan, R McLaughlin, C Williamson, M Williamson

Best of luck Gents.

The Ladies played their first ever Premier League Game last weekend though the competition was too strong with a few back end players missing. The final score was 40-85 to the travelling Paisley side.

This week they have an even bigger challenge when they travel to Blantyre who are previous winners of the League. The Ladies selectors have picked the following team:

J. Steewart, C. McGregor, J Cowan, W Grant

M Goldie, L Gage, H Bates, J Dougal

M Sproat, L Dunlop, M Wells, M Williamson

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