Ayrshire Playdowns


The Ayrshire Play-downs take place on Sunday 17th February throughout all Ayrshire greens. The following are representing the club:

Gents Singles: John Carswell

Gents Pairs: Lewis Borland, Robert McLaughlin.

Gents Triples: Gordon Gray, Drew Smith, Henry Pratt.

Gents Fours: Gordon Syme, Martin Kostigovs, Jim Walker, Andrew Flood

Senior Singles: Colin McLatchie

Senior Pairs: David MacKay, Bill Chisholm

Senior Triples: Andy Williams, Ian Gillespie, David Donald

Senior Fours: Gavin Monaghan, ANO, Harry Pratt, Neil Gillies.

Ladies Singles: Kathleen Souden

Ladies Pairs: Ann McCulley, Madge Williamson

Ladies Triples: Sarah Kennedy, Katie Stevenson, Janice Dougal

Ladies Fours: Wilma Rodger, Anna Hastie, Lawra Cox, Wendy Grant

Ladies 2-Bowl Pairs: Liz Gage, Helen Bates.


Best of luck to all competitors.

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