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It is Ayrshire Play-downs weekend this Sunday 23rd February where all our reps play throughout Ayrshire to qualify for the Finals hosted by Galleon this season on Sunday 15th March. Prestwick Gents have pulled out of their ties due to a clash of games with them playing Bainfield in the Relegation/Promotion playoff for the Scottish Premier League.

Best of luck to all our Ayrshire reps this sunday.


Our Senior national Triples Team unfortunately lost their last 16 game against Lanarkshire @ Blantyre. They were wining comfortably 6 up with 3 to go but after a fortunate bowl form the Lanarkshire skip, Hugh Smith, which got them a 1 and a poor end from the Ardrossan players in the next end losing a 5 it saw the game tied going into the last end. Momentum stayed with the Lanarkshire trio of Walter McKeown, James Bell and Hugh Smith as they held out for a 2 in the last.

Hard lines to our Senior trio who did enough to win the game however as we all know such is bowls.


This weekend we have our Senior Triples team playing in the second round of qualifying. Robert Morris, Charlie Watson and Jim Donald will travel to Blantyre to play against Lanarkshire. All the best guys.

The Ayrshire Playdowns will take place on Sunday 23rd February. All competitors must be eligible for the finals day on Sunday 15th March. Representatives are yet to be concluded.


National Gents and Ladies Triples Play-downs are on this coming weekend and Ardrossan are hosting.

Our Gents team is Jack Porteous, Steven Burns and Darren O’Rourke. They play Paisley in the prelim at 9:30am.

The Ladies is Sarah Kennedy, Wendy Rodger and Wendy Grant. They Play East Kilbride in the prelim at 9:30am.

Come on down to the club to watch some great bowling and support both our reps.


Senior National Fours were on at the weekend and the reps from Ardrossan were Bob Morris, Bill Marshall, Gordon Porteous, Jim Donald. They had one game to play which was against Blantyre at East kilbride and they managed to win 16-12. They now go and play Auchinleck on Sunday 2nd February.

Under 18’s and Under 21’s were played at Dumbarton and Whiteinch respectively. Lewis Milligan and Jack Porteous wer ethe reps in the under 18’s. Lewis won out of 3 group games and managed to go through on shots. He then played Aiden Craigens of Blantyre in the last 16. Lewis won 15-10. He then played Ross Gouldstone of Prestwick in the 1/4 final but lost 15-5. Jack won both his group games to go through to the last 16 where he p[layed Aimmee Harris of West of Scotland. Jack was unable to win and lost 15-10.

Megan won 2 of three group games but was unable to qualify. Blair won all three group games and played Jodan Law of Ayr in the last 16 where he won 15-5. Blair then played Arron Craig of Alloa but sadly lost 15-11.


The National Junior Singles was played at the weekend. Our reps were Blair Davidson, Jack Montgomerie and Katie Stevenson.

Blair and Jack both played at Paisley on the Saturday. Both players turned up and ended up getting a buy to later on that day. Jack then played against Auchinleck’s Fraser Young were he came out the victor winning 21-8. He then went onto play Kieran Clinton of East Kilbride where he just got edged out 21-19 in what was a really good game. Blair, after his buy, played against Nathan McKendrick of West Lothian. Blair won the game 21-13 to take him through to the last 16 on the Sunday. He played against Prestwick’s Ross Goldstone but was unable to match his play from Saturday as he went down 21-9.

Katie was playing in the last 16 on the Sunday after qualifying earlier in the month. Katie played Eiligh Weir of Alloa, the person she beat in the Ladies Singles, but unfortunately Eiligh got her revenge as she beat Katie 21-8

Well done to all reps from Ardrossan.


Results from the weekend

Katie Stevenson was at Aberdeen in the  Ladies National Singles. Katie won her first game in the Saturday against Eiligh Weir of Alloa 21-17. Katie then played Pauline Murray of Whiteinch but unfortunately lost 21-15.

Senior Nationals.  Neil Gillies was out in the singles at Ayr. Neil lost his first game to Tommy Woods of Auchinleck. Martin Kostigovs and Gordon Porteous were at Blantyre for the pairs. After beating East Kilbride in the first game 28-12 Martin and Gordon then played Auchinleck in the next round. Unfortunately they lost to Duncan Kay and Jim Flemming 23-13. Robert Morris< Charlie Watson and Jim Donald were out in the triples at Blantyre. They got a buy to the first round where they played Ayr’s Brian Little, John Nisbet and Dougie Mckay. Robert, Charlie and Jim managed to win the game 14-8. They now play their last 16 round on Sunday 26th January.


This weekend sees the Ladies Scottish Singles play-downs at Aberdeen and the senior Singles, Pairs and Triples first rounds.

Katie Stevenson travels to Aberdeen to play on Saturday at 10am against Alloas Eiligh Weir. The winner will play in the afternoon for the next round.

Neil Gillies will go to Ayr on Sunday to play in the Senior Scottish Singles against Auchinleck. Game starts at 10am and the winner will play at 2pm.

Martin Kostigovs and Gordon Porteous will travel to Blantyre on Sunday to play in the Scottish Senior Pairs. They play East Kilbride at 10am and the winner will be back on at 2pm.

Bob Morris, Charlie Watson and Jim Donald will also travel to Blantyre on Sunday where they will play Ayr at 2pm.

Best of luck to all playing this weekend from everyone here at Ardrossan Indoor B.C


Last weekend was the 2-bowl pairs play-downs at Galleon.

Margaret Wells and Madge Williamson were our Ladies Reps. They won their first game against Paisley 1.5 sets to 0.5 sets. They then played Coleen Cowie and Claire Johnston from Auchinleck in the last 16 after a close first set finishing 3 down they then lost the second set quite comfortably. The Auchinleck ladies then went on to win their next game against Prestwick to book their place in the semi-final in January.

Jack Porteous and Martin Williamson were the Gents Reps. They beat Inverclyde and Ayr 1.5-0.5 and 2-0 in sets respectively to book their place in the last 16. They then came up against Paisley’s Jamie Corrigan and David Horne in what was a tight game throughout. Dominating the first set they lost a 3 in the last end to lose it by 1 shot. In the second set it was very tight but they managed to bounce back and win it 6-5 after the 9 ends taking it into a tie breaker. Losing the first end and winning the second end meant it was down to the final end of the tiebreaker. With Paisley skip playing a great bowl to ditch the jack Martin was unable to draw to the ditch and beat it. Paisley ended up winning their last remaining game to qualify to the semi final in January.

Hard lines to both teams


This weekend sees the Scottish Ladies and Gents 2-Bowl Pairs play-downs.

Our representatives are

Margaret Wells and Madge Williamson

Jack Porteous and Martin Williamson

They both play at Galleon on Sunday 20th October. The gents first of a possible 4 games is against Inverclyde @ 9:30am. The Ladies got a buy to the first round so their first game of a possible 3 games is against Paisley @ 11:30am.

Best of luck from all here at Ardrossan Indoor B.C


The under 25 ladies singles playdowns took place at Paisley on Sunday 6th October. Louise Noon was in the prelim round against Aimmee Thomson of Alloa where she managed to come away the victor winning 21-16. Louise then went onto play in the 1st round against Falkirk’s Kimberley Dodds although unfortunately she lost out 21-10.

Katie Stevenson was also out in the under 25’s. katie had a buy to the first round where she came up against Rachel Baxter of Dumbrton. Katie won a convincing 21-8. Katie will now play the second round on Sunday 3rd of November against Eilidh Weir of Alloa. Best of luck when it comes Katie.

The Gents Scottish playdowns took place at Falkirk and Martin Williamson was representing Ardrossan. Martin played Scott Bell of Coatbridge in the first round and managed to win 21-13. He then played Robert Gordon of Lanarkshire on the Sunday morning. Unfortunately he lost heavily 21-5. This was after Robert defeating Paul Foster in the first round. Hard lines.


Saturday 5th October sees our Ladies debuting in the Scottish Premier South league as they take on Paisley at home. Come along and support our women at 2pm. Team is as follows:

Carol McGregor, Lesley Dunlop, Wilma Rodger, Lawra Cox.

Nikki, Kuyt, Liz Gage, Ann Malcolmson, Wendy Grant.

Megan Sproat, Margaret Wells, Helen bates, Janice Dougal.

Also this weekend we have representatives playing in the Scottish Gents Singles and the Scottish Ladies Under 25 Singles. With our current champion Jack Montgomerie going on holiday it’ll be down to beatn semi-finalist Martin Williamson who will represent the club. He plays at Falkirk on Saturday at 12noon against Scott Bell of Coatbridge. If he wins his next game will be on Sunday at 10am.

Katie Stevenson and Louise Noon will be going out for Ardrossan in the Under 25’s on Sunday 6th. Katie has a buy to the first round and will take on a player from Dumbarton at 1pm and Louise has a prelim game at 10am and will take on Alloa 2. Louise will be back on at 1pm is she wins.

So all the very best to all representatives playing for Ardrossan this weekend.

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